I love Election Season.  I really do.  But Election Season and I have a Love-Hate relationship.

I love the strategy and planning that goes into a campaign.  I like to imagine all of the things I would do if I was a candidate during the election and what I would do once I got elected.

One of the first things you learn studying politics is that the whole point is to get elected.  The whole point of the game is to get your people into office; not just so you can get your way, but to make sure the other guy doesn’t have any chance of doing what he wants.  It’s all about controlling power and influence.  Sad, isn’t it?

Politics and government are entirely different subjects and most people don’t understand the different.  Government is about getting stuff done.  Politics is about getting your way.

Another thing people need to realize is that people vote for people, not issues.  Very few people actually pick a candidate based on their platform.  Sorry.  Voters, for the most part, pick a candidate or party who they think will makes all of their wildest dreams come true.  We saw in this in the 2008 Presidential Election.  People became disenchanted with the Republican Party, and assumed that the Democrats would make things better.  Rather than voting smartly, people voted based on fleeting emotions. Don’t get me wrong, I voted for Obama, but that is because I studied his life and platform in depth and came to a responsible decision.

This Mid-Term Election is basically the same thing.  Historically, the party in power does lose seats during a mid-term election.  But this year, the Republican party has done a great job in making sure that everyone in the country knows that the Democrats are at fault for everything bad in this country and need to be replaced.  The Democrats did the same exact thing in 2008 though!  Blame Bush and Cheney! It’s a smart strategy-blame the other guy during an election.  And now, people assume that just because they change their vote, their dreams will come true.

People don’t really look into any of the issues at hand.  This election proves it.  Just because you switch parties in power doesn’t really mean things will change.  Change is a slow-going process.  Unfortunately, when Obama told us that he was the “Change we could believe in”, everyone thought it meant immediate change.  Wrong.

Basically, I hate how most people in this country don’t pay attention.  I hate how they can’t be bothered to actually think about who and what they are voting for.  I hate how people are so fleeting in their beliefs and convictions.  I hate how all it takes is a few dirty campaign ads and some nasty rumors to get elected.  I hate how people only pay attention to party labels rather than what they have actually done.  (This can be said about both major parties, so I am not just pointing fingers at one.)

Sometimes, elections just break my heart.

(Also, I really hate the Tea Party, and I don’t think they are a legitimate political party, but that will be saved for another post.)