The Power of Pearls: Part Two.

One is not born a lady.  Becoming a lady takes a lifetime of careful cultivation and profound reflection.  One does not have the distinctive spark, that defining quality of being a lady right in the beginning.  Being a lady means knowing that quiet sense of peace at the end of the day, knowing that you have lived your life for others around you.  Being a lady means possessing a quiet grace and wisdom that takes a lifetime to gain and to understand.  Being a lady means you are ready to pass on what you have learned to younger generations in order to help them on their life-long journeys.  Every woman’s journey to becoming a lady is different; because frankly, every lady is unique in her own feisty, classy and charming way.  The journey to become a lady takes a lifetime.

o   A lady is confident.   In the face of uncertainty, a lady keeps her composure and remembers that she is strong, smart, and fabulous.

o   A lady thinks of others first.

o   A lady knows that handwritten notes and letters are very important and heartwarming.

o   A lady understands that charity is a way of life and not some fancy event. A lady constantly seeks new ways to make the world around her better. Charity is not a status symbol, but something required of all good people.

o   A lady does not gossip; she merely shares local news.

o   A lady knows that no work is beneath her. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and build up a good sweat. A true lady gets things done and does not rely upon others to do the hard work.

o   A lady memorizes the phrase “Bless your heart” and puts it to good use.

o   A lady is sincere and compassionate.

o   A lady accepts criticism. A lady understands that she is not perfect and values self improvement.  However, a lady does not tolerate criticism if someone is being mean to her just for the sake of being a jerk. A lady will put an end to that (tactfully, of course).

o   A lady knows that everyone is different and does not expect every person to be just like her or agree with her on everything.  She respects and values differences.

o   A lady never thinks she is better than the people around her.

o   A lady understands that the whole point of etiquette and being well mannered is to put the people around you at ease, not to impress them or make her look good.

o   A lady understands that ladies come in all different sizes and from all backgrounds.  A lady is not defined only by the clothes on her back, the amount of money in her account, or the places she frequents.  A lady doesn’t have to wear Lilly Pullitzer everyday or drive a BMW to be classy and fabulous.

o    A lady never loses control of herself at social events.  If a lady is made uncomfortable by her surroundings, she quietly leaves without calling attention to herself.

o   A lady never over indulges.  Sometimes mistakes happen, because a lady is not perfect.  But a lady never lets herself make the same mistake twice because she does not want to be a burden on others or garner a bad reputation.

o   A lady stands up for her beliefs.