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Face palm.

America is giving Pakistan $2 billion to fight terrorists within their borders.  But Pakistan funds terrorists within their borders already…hmmm…Maybe I am missing something.  But I think Captain Picard has something to say about this.


I want to party with Betty White.


I love kitty cats.  I love IKEA.  And now, they have combined.

I am watching The Colbert Report tonight, and it is amazing.  I love Stephen Colbert.  He is super intelligent, ridiculously funny, and he likes the troops.  And not in a fame seeking way.  He actually likes them and does a lot for them.

Look at him.  Fighting for America.  Bad-Ass.

And tonight, he is once again doing something awesome for them.  Tonight’s episode featured an audience of only Iraqi War veterans.  He served them beer.  And Vice President Joe Biden served them hot dogs.  Awesome. Also, VP Biden is an underestimated BA.

I don’t think we do enough for our troops in general, and this is something he brings up.  Maybe we should stop bitching about whether or not the war was ethical or if it is actually over.  We can’t do anything about that now, but we can do more to support our troops.  Let’s stop being d-bags to them and their families and treat them with some respect.

All in all, I love Stephen Colbert, America, and our troops.

The case against Quran Burning.

Let’s put emotions aside for a moment concerning the burning of the Quran.  Forget the fact that this whole protest is reminiscent of Nazi’s and their book burnings or the KKK burning crosses.  Forget that this protest could put our soldiers at risk overseas.  Forget the fact that this is just plain mean.  Let’s look at some facts first to figure out what is really going on here.

Terry Jones, the pastor of the Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville is planning on staging a Quran Burning on September 11th to protest Islam.  Despite the fact city officials, politicians, Generals, and Clergymen of 3 different faiths have opposed this protest publically; his church is still going through with it.  They do have a right to their opinions, as hateful, ignorant and ill conceived they are.  Jones applied for a permit to burn the Quran in Gainesville, FL and was denied.  His lawyers assured him that he doesn’t need a permit to burn the Quran because he and the church are all good to go to burn the Quran.

I am not a lawyer.  I have only taken one class on the Constitution, one on Public Policy, and two easy-peasy Law Classes.  But from what I learned in those classes and from my other readings, I don’t think this church has the Constitutional Protection they are so confident in.

First of all, I think this is a case of good ol` fashioned hate speech.  According to, hate speech is a “type of speech which is used to deliberately offend an individual; or racial, ethnic, religious or other group. Such speech generally seeks to condemn or dehumanize the individual or group; or express anger, hatred, violence or contempt toward them.”

Unfortunately, hate speech is pretty much cool under the First Amendment.  Libel and slander?  Not so much.  You smack talk someone in a newspaper article and you will be taken to the cleaners.  But with hate speech and acts of hate, the Supreme Court gets reeeaaal specific.

Let’s take a look at two key Supreme Court cases that I think directly affect the church in Gainesville.

1) R. A. V. v. City of St. Paul, 505 US. 377 (1992)

Essentially, (this case involved racial slurs and cross burning), the Court decided that an ordinance in St. Paul could not prohibit any kind of speech or act just because the city or people involved disagree with the message.  So even though a family was tormented and insulted and obviously threatened, the people doing all of that reserved the right to thanks to the First Amendment.

2)Virginia v. Black, 538 U.S. 343 (2003)

This case was about Cross Burning and applies to the current situation perfectly.  The Court decided that cross burning itself could not be banned, but cross burning with the intent to intimidate could.  Basically, this case focuses on the intent of the act rather than the act itself.

Alright.  We have our two cases.  Now why are these important?  Because Terry Jones said this:

Our message is very clear. It is not to the moderate Muslim. Our message is not a message of hate. Our message is a message of warning to the radical element of Islam, and I think what we see right now around the globe provides exactly what we’re talking about.”

Hmmm…a message of warning…hmmm…Warning what?  Doesn’t a warning imply some kind of consequence or threat?  It doesn’t matter that he only wants Radical Muslims to care about this.  Every Muslim reads the Quran.  It’s threatening every Muslim in Gainesville, Alachua County, Florida, The United States, and the entire World.

According to the two cases, it’s cool to say and do hateful things, as long as you aren’t threatening someone of something.  But Jones has gone too far.  He is trying to threaten Muslims worldwide somehow.  I don’t know what he could do, but a threat is a threat.

And by threatening Muslims, Jones and his church are no longer protected under the First Amendment in my opinion.  Sorry Terry Jones.  You should’ve watched what you said during an interview.  Sucks for you!

But that sad part is, nothing can be done though to prevent this.  Something can only be done after this protest takes place and the damage is already done.

I think this whole debacle is absolutely ridiculous.  It’s disgusting, spiteful and immoral.  You cannot fight ideological extremism by making childish threats.  I believe they have the right to think whatever they want.  If I want to be able to have my own opinions, they need to have theirs.  The First Amendment protects against double standards within society and government for the protection of the people.  But this church is obviously threatening Muslims and their protest should not be tolerated.

If Terry Jones wants to do something about religious extremism, he should learn as much as he can about it.  He has admitted to knowing absolutely nothing about Islam except for a few Youtube videos.  He says he is doing the Christian thing by burning the Quran.  Maybe he should watch some more videos on YouTube about Jesus first.  Just saying.

I hope no one goes to that stupid book burning on the 11th.  I hope the media leaves it alone, and protestors stay away so this fanatic and his zealots do not get the attention they so desperately crave.


Sorry for not including my sources. Here you go!  And no, I will not annotate them.–church

I think you should read this.

I found this on CNN.  It’s a summary of a blog post by Jonathan Acuff, a Belief Blog contributor and author of “Stuff Christians Like” about how Christians ruin sex.  You should read it.

And here is his real blog post.

Now I have another reason to love the Month of May.

Not only is my birthday in May, but it is also………..Zombie Awareness Month!!!  Heck Yes.

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Fun Fact about the Rosekelly Family-we are all really into Zombie Awareness and Prevention.  Mostly my mom and older brother (who was also born in May).  Even though I did give a presentation on how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse, I am not as hardcore as them.

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